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John Palmer, children pieces

Artikelnummer: MB229

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British composer John Palmer, a pianist himself and Professor at the Stuttgart State University of Music in Germany, wrote children pieces in 1985 and revised them in 2011 for this publication.

The 10 children pieces are equally suited for beginners and adults on their second or third year of piano study. Each piece reflects a different musical character and specific technical preoccupation, and can be easily integrated in any kind of modern piano curriculum.

From dance to jazz-inspired phrases, from lyrical to rhythmic textures, and from sorrowful to joyful character, the musical flow is constant while remaining always vibrant and enjoyable.



  1. spiritoso   
  2. dialogue 
  3. lullaby     
  4. vivace    
  5. one-two  

  6. tristesse
  7. andando
  8. giocoso
  9. quasi quasi
10. waltz