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Cembalo solo

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What an honor to be a part of the harpsichord xxi project. The harpsichord is a survivor. After close to a century of neglect, corresponding to the rise of today’s modern piano, the 20th century harpsichord revival breathed new life into the instrument, imbuing it with new possibilities. In the 21st century, enthusiasts continue to invest it with new life. In this modern world dominated by complex mechanics and amplified, artificial sounds, the harpsichord stands with confidence as a model of acoustic simplicity and refined intimacy. However to ensure this instrument’s longevity, new harpsichord music is essential to inspire fresh interest and reinvigorate loyal enthusiasm.
This collection of 7 pieces was selected by an international jury of professional harpsichordists among a large number of submissions sent in from around the world. We see these works suitable for young students at an intermediate level. This first volume will be followed by another volume with slightly more difficult pieces. Long live the harpsichord!


Elaine Funaro, artistic director of Aliénor

(Aliénor has published 3 volumes of teaching pieces and sponsored 9 competitions for new music for the harpsichord since 1982. We have generated over 750 scores for the instrument)


Dimitri Goldobine:                Castanets
Wallace De Pue, Sr.:           For the Rest of the Folk
Mark Francis:                      Sonata - II, Sonata - III
Kevin Holland:                     Fughetta
Ursula Erhart-Schwertmann: One day
Christopher M. Wicke:          A Small Cosmos for Solo Harpsichord
Christian M. Fischer:            Reflection

Wallace De Pue, Sr.: For the Rest of the Folk